The Media 's Perception Of Islam And Islam

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Many things have troubled the relationship between the West and Islam. The media has contributed to how the Western civilization views Islam and Muslims which essentially created the idea of an “us” versus “them” mentality instead of coexisting with one another. How people see the world is through the media. The Western media has not contributed positive images. Therefore, misunderstandings of Islam and Muslims have created negative perceptions. This paper will discuss the West’s perception of Islam and how the media has defined Islam and Muslims.
Since September 11th, the media is serving as a huge influencer on the Western civilization about how they view Muslims and Islam. The media has played a pivotal role in how the West has gained their impressions. In the article, “The Utility of Islamic Imagery in the West,” J.A. Progler discusses how the West utilizes images of Islam and Muslims to benefit themselves. The media have represented Muslims as “terrorists.” Progler says,” drawing upon the historical and cultural catalogue of assumptions and perceptions about Islam, these experts and spokespeople pick and choose the appropriate images to serve their purposes.” (Progler, 2) For example, images of Islam have created the negative perception that they oppress their women and encourage terrorism, just to name a few. With the recent attack in Paris and the San Bernardino shooting, presidential candidates have used these opportunities to show that all Muslims are a threat to
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