The Media's Dangerous Perception of the Ideal Body Image

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Tonight, Captain America: The First Avenger was airing on public television, so I decided to re-watch this fantastic Marvel movie. The main character, Steve Rogers, is a big-hearted, anemic-bodied American in the middle of World War 2. His grocery list of health issues and lacking physique resulted in several rejections from the enlistment officers. However thanks to his friendly German doctor, he eventually found himself injected with a serum that made him the perfect specimen of an American soldier (“Captain America: The First Avenger). Rogers went on to become one of the most iconic superheros ever to grace the comic book and media outlets, in his world and ours. There is no question as to why: Rogers is tall, blonde with an incredible …show more content…
Women are immersed in a sea of imagery that is hard to ignore. One of the basics things people are taught growing up is that eating gives you the energy you need for the day. Growing a little older and a person becomes aware that eating too much causes you to grow bigger (or fatter). Then if a person wants to become thinner, the most logical place to start would be the diet. A study conducted by Duke University showed that 40% of all nine and ten year old girls have already been on a diet ("Self Image/Media Influences"). Surveys by the Centers for Disease Control in 2004 reported that in adolescents approximately ages fourteen through eighteen, more than 59% were trying to lose weight and that 18% of girls had gone without food for twenty-four hours (“Body Image”). Children at their pinnacle of growth development are destroying their bodies to achieve a ridiculous beauty standard. And it is not just children who fall for this. Over 90% of women surveyed at a college campus admitted to “attempting to control their weight through dieting” while 22% of those admitted to “dieting often or always” ("Eating Disorder Statistics"). But what happens when the women we model ourselves 'cheat' to achieve the same standard they have set? The vast majority of models are considered anorexic within the Body Mass Index criteria, and many of them fall 25-35% below their ideal weight (Rader Programs). If famous actresses have
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