The Media's Degradation of Women Essay

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Women have been fighting for the right to be equal members of society for centuries. In the past women were treated as second class citizens and didn’t have the same rights as men did. Women later lead a movement to change these ways. Although some drastic changes did come about from these movements, equality wasn’t fully attained. In this day and age, equality between men and women still hasn’t been achieved and the media is to blame for that. For decades, the media has dominated society’s views and perspectives of others. Due to recent media, it has been difficult to regulate how women are being influenced and treated by other people in society. The media influences society tremendously and subconsciously steers the way…show more content…
There also seemed to be an unwritten norm in the work place that women weren’t supposed to cross. This day and age, the roles of women have shifted however, women are still expected to follow the 1950’s norm in a sense. Although, many women are now in the labor force and are now independent, there are still barriers that aren't permitting women from being equal to men. The media has glamorized this barrier and has influenced society to think that it is normal. Advertisements with cleaning products, appliances or that have anything to do with children always feature women instead of men. The media has influenced society to think that a woman must perform house duties, take care of the children and still maintain a steady job. This has become excessive and overwhelming for women. “Women spent more time on shopping and other domestic work in 2005 than on paid work. In comparison, men spent more time on paid work than on domestic work. If paid work and domestic work are combined, women still spent 20 minutes more on average per day on work than men” (Gauntlett 2008). The average woman’s work load has essentially doubled and it has also created a greater gap between men and women. This has created many problems for woman and has undermined them tremendously. The media has also advertised certain fields of employment to specific genders. Women are highly underrepresented in many fields of

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