Essay on The Media's Distorted Image of the World

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Media – what does it bring us?

In our everyday lives, people are exposed to all kinds of media. Many people around the world watch movies, read cartoons and glance at the television. Although they may not realize it, they are under the influence of the images that they see. In fact, these sources may make people have negative assumptions about Middle East. Every so often, there are stereotypical judgments and comments in the media. Exaggerated Hollywood action movies, cartoons and opinionated news emphasize the negative side of Middle East, which indirectly compels audiences to believe that the combinations of images may even be true. In Hollywood movies, there are stereotypes of Middle Eastern people being killers and terrorists.
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Not only are there movies, but there are also stereotypical points made in the form of cartoons. Some graphic novels, and comic books emphasize Middle Eastern people as villains. If Hollywood action movies are to get the attention of the adults, the cartoons are targeting elementary and secondary students. Indeed, through reading these books, school students may be exposed to the wrong emphasis and ideas. Since common stereotypes involving the violence of Middle Eastern countries are made, the students learn indirectly. In addition, many of the computer games involve the character of ‘villains’; and these characters are often the Arabs. The video games feature Arabs as the enemies and give the players game points once they kill the Arabs. If this problem were only in one game, it would not be a “big deal”, however there is more than one such game, involving the existence of the Arabs as the bad side. One of the biggest Disney movies also contributes to stereotypical ideas of Arabs. ‘Aladdin’ was one the most popular film. This film was watched by almost all of the children around the world. However, there were some parts of the movie, which might have concerned some people. For example, it was said that some Arabs were embarrassed and frustrated by the films (Arab Stereotypes and American Educators). They just hoped people would not pay much attention to the lyrics of
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