The Media's Misrepresentation of Environmental Issues

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Today’s mainstream media has a deep influence on numerous aspects of economical and social life, it provides information and data almost on everything that happens on our planet. Mainstream media became one of the most important and influential instruments in our society, as the news stories reach a large numbers of people in a short time. Different people are using mainstream media as a first source of information; humans need the information, which is why there is a great deal of trust on media. We follow the news because it is our duty as citizens to be informed; it gives us the facts that help us make the right decisions and also gives us something to talk about. The media has a great public responsibility in front of their audience;…show more content…
“Vitamin A is necessary for eyesight and every year about 500,000 people, mainly children in India and Africa, go blind due to vitamin A deficiency. The golden rice has the potential to eliminate this human tragedy when it is introduced in a few years.” (Moore). And yet Greenpeace is fighting against it. And lastly, Dr. Moore recaps Professor Philip Stott of the University of London regarding genetic modification advantages for human health such as less hearth and cancer health problems, less saturated fats and cholesterol. GMOs are such a complex issue that deciding to ban the entire technology is rather an unreasonable approach. GMOs could be a great idea, if it is done right. It could also be a very bad idea if it is done wrong. Nevertheless the world is continuously progressing and day-by-day more and more challenges appear and the answer to them always lies in the advancement of science and the human society. Genetic engineering might not always have public acceptance if they are not informed. Therefore, people have to be educated more about GMOs and given time to form a solid opinion on this complex issue. What the mainstream media has done during these years is unacceptable, because supporting organizations that are against the genetic engineering has caused the death to millions of people around the globe and stagnated the development of countries in Africa and South Asia. Personally I think that the news media

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