The Media's Portrayal Of Women

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Introduction The portrayal of women in the media has drastically changed through the years. Those changes can be viewed as positive or negative, but many times they impose an influence on female viewers. Those influences often lead to damaging outcomes such as eating disorders and depression. The range of influences and effects caused by the portrayal of women is wide and also includes low self-esteem, body image issues and the need to be a sex symbol. The Social Learning Theory is important in understanding how women are affected by their presence in the media. The modeling process included within the theory is essential to identifying how women are overwhelmed with images of the “perfect” or “ideal” body. Those images are generally largely unrealistic. Many statistics show an increase of eating disorders and other mental health issues as women are subjected to images of societal and media perfection. This is an example of the modeling process. This paper will explain the effects and concerns that result from exposure to the media’s portrayal of women, what Social Learning is and how it applies to that exposure. Literature Review The statistics that identify an increase in eating disorders and other mental health issues due to the presentation of women, especially young women, in the media is shockingly significant. Many women aspire to achieve the “perfect” body. Currently research sites that being thin and toned is the most aspired body type. Woman are largely
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