The Mediation Of Divorce Cases

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Mediation in divorce cases

The court system is an unpleasant means of dispute resolution when it comes to divorce cases given the fact that children and property are usually involved. The stressful nature of the court is often traumatising for the parties involved. So, why bother go to court about who keeps the children or who gets the properties when this could easily be resolved with private mediation.
This essay therefore focuses on the ways in which disputes in the family such as divorce cases can be resolved through the means of mediation, which is a type of alternative dispute resolution - resolving disputes without going to the court. The first section of this essay would give a brief overview of divorce.The second section would give detailed information of how mediation is used in divorce cases; focusing on its advantages and some disadvantages in terms of cost, communication, time and privacy. To conclude the essay, a brief summary of the topic would be given. Also included would be personal view points and opinions as to why mediation method should be applied in resolving divorce cases.
A divorce is legally removing oneself from a marriage. Mediation is allowing a third party other than the parties in dispute to help resolve the dispute in question. In the early days, ‘getting married was not an easy process and getting out of one was even more difficult. Not until about 15 (fifteen) decades ago getting a divorce required an Act Parliament meaning divorce

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