The Medical And Dental Industry For 3d Printing

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3D Printing is a unique kind of printing system, which takes a 3D image file and creates a physical 3D image. As I mentioned before 3D files are generated from what is called a .stl file, which is a compressed triangular meshed surface. “These .stl files were originally intended for a rapid prototyping process called Stereolithography, and in the beginning were generated by CAD programs; however, because MRI and CT’s are surface scans, they too can generate a .stl file. These .stl files have become a world standard for exchanging 3D mesh type objects between programs” (McNeel, Sep. 2015, par. 3). Since MRI’s and CT’s can be scanned and converted into stl files it has paved the way into many different aspects of the medical and dental industry for 3D printing. When I say the medical and dental industry I am talking about many different avenues within those industries.
Let us first take a look at the dental industry and the latest developments and how they will impact our lives. Have you ever considered braces for fixing yours or your loved ones teeth? Remember what looked like metal tracks in someone’s mouth to correct their teeth? Well, now they are using a plastic form called invisalign instead of metal. These are all created with 3D Printing and they work just as well, and don’t tear up one’s gums like the railroad track braces. The German-based company EnvisionTEC has helped to innovate many premium 3D printing materials and now they are entering their newest…

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