The Medical And Healthcare Records

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The medical or healthcare record has multiple purposes. First, it is repository of documentation of the actions taken in patient management, the documentation of a patient’s progress, and therefore a mean’s to augment one’s memory and knowledge as well as to provide meaningful medical information to other practitioners should the patient transfer to a new provider or should the original provider be unavailable for some reason. The health electronic health record system that is currently in use at my facility is Cerner. Cerner retained the top spot for community hospitals of 101-250 beds for the same time period; it also came out the best for hospital systems. I will discuss the role of this system as it relates to memory, computation decision support and collaboration. Although there are some minor issues I have noticed throughout the years I find navigation through this system is secure and easy to use. Cerner has the capability to display available history and demographics. Each time a patient is admitted into the hospital their records are maintained and are able to be viewed by any authorized staff member. Their charts are only allowed to be accessed if the patient was admitted within the last 30 days at any Methodist Health Care hospital. All information documented from other Methodist facilities will be visible to current providers. Chart Search improves productivity by limiting the amount of time needed to search a patient’s medical record. Clinicians
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