The Medical And Social Model Of Disability

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In my report, I will be discussing both the medical and social model of disability and the importance of each. I will go into detail of what each model involves and the pros and the cons. I will provide my own personal opinion on the model’s and my reflection on both. The medical model of disability can be described as the disability within the individual person and see’s disability as an illness. (Suzanne Duggan Notes 2016) It focuses on the person’s health rather than their personal and social needs. It focuses on people with disabilities being treated for their disability such as going to the doctor or hospital, getting tests and receiving medication. Although mostly this model is criticised, In my opinion there is both good and bad in it. I think this model can segregate people with disabilities for example, “targeting `special` benefits at them and providing segregated `special` services for them.” (Alan Moyne 2012 Social and Medical Models of Disability) It sees disabled people as an inconvenience,” This medical model approach is based on a belief that the difficulties associated with the disability should be borne wholly by the disabled person, and that the disabled person should make extra effort to ensure that they do not inconvenience anyone else.” (University of Leicester 2015 The social and medical models of disability) It’s taking people with disabilities away from social interaction and doing normal everyday things which is the most important, “Disabled…show more content…
eople too can be led to believe that their impairments automatically prevent them from participating in social activities.” (Alan Moyne 2012 Social and Medical Models of Disability) People with impairments should feel like their welcome in society and not
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