The Medical Code Of Ethics And Behavior Essay

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Since ancient times, the medical profession has been considered as the sufficiently important and relevant element in the public life. Approximately a century ago, somatology was not so widespread and prestigious. However, nowadays, it takes a significant place in the modern medicine. Modern dental assistant is the person who dedicates his knowledge and skills, because the medicine is constantly progressing. Besides skills and knowledge, the ability to find a way to a patient and follow the rules of morality is an inevitable part of this occupation. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine contribution which can be done to the work of a dental assistants by describing the medical code of ethics and behavior and on their basis establish the personal contribution to the profession.

Medical activity is regarded to be one of the difficult professions. The person who has devoted oneself to medicine, of course, should possess a vocation to it. The desire to help another human being has always been considered as a useful feature of an individual. When these personality traits are becoming a necessity, it can be assumed that a person has the main prerequisites for successful mastery of the medical profession. One of the key requirements of medical ethics is the ability to develop the humane treatment of the patient’s personality and show a high sense of responsibility for their actions. Thus, the dental assistant is required not only to provide an effective medical
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