The Medical Coverage of Small Businesses and ObamaCare

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Obama Care With more than half of the private sector in the United States, small business makes a crucial part of the economy of the country. Out of the 90 million people hired, 50% of them are working in small businesses or small establishments. (Wiatrowski, p 29) Regardless of how popular they are how much success they have had, finding out an exact definition of a small business is very difficult. The Office of Management and Budget states that an establishment or a business is basically at a certain location. At that certain location which can be anything from warehouse to a store, it has to have employees. Along with employs there, certain services or operations have to occur there as well. From this rule of law, it has been stated that a small business is an establishment in which there are 100 or fewer employees. (Wiatrowski, 1994 p 29) This was a general overall difference between small and large businesses. This was just a definition on the basis of how many employees are present in the company. When looking at different countries and industries, the employees can range from 50 in Australia till 500 employees. Other factors that determine whether a business is small or not are net profits, assets or sales. There are many benefits of owning a small business but then again there are disadvantages as well. The business can be initiated with a small initial capital and can be advertised in any manner. The person is her or her own boss and there are no
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