The Medical Education Of Medicine

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“Whenever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity”; these few words by Hippocrates were printed in my memory, 15 years ago, when the surgeon came out of the operation room saying, “I am sorry, we couldn’t save her life”, thus I lost my mother. Since that moment I realized my pressing eagerness to save peoples ' lives. My mother was always encouraging me to seek and discover everything around me and try to find answers to mysterious questions. My journey since childhood has started with the solid belief that the real happiness comes from serving others. My memories were filled with compassion. Every time I face a person who is ill, the word “justice” acquires a new meaning to me. In my perspective, physical weakness…show more content…
This has developed in me the level of compassion that was critical in caring for patients and their families. I have had to notify and counsel families of war victims. Despite difficult circumstances, I made every effort to provide the highest quality of medical care to patients. This required from me, as a physician, to develop clinical acumen and diagnostic skills that relied upon a minimum of equipment. This experience not only strengthened my medical knowledge, but also helped me deal with psychological and social issues of my patients. The meagerness of medical supplies led to the ingenuity and resourcefulness such as learning how to safely sterilize disposable devices for reuse in multiple patients and the improvisation of makeshift dressings and other medical supplies. I do believe that receiving my medical degree under such circumstances broadened my experience and prepared me to work in any situation.
On every rotation, I took the opportunity to become an independent thinker. I found that the broad knowledge of Internal Medicine fulfilled my curiosity unlike other fields. Obtaining detailed histories, performing physicals, developing differentials and managing complicated patients, all fueled my enthusiasm on a daily basis. I always look forward to hearing the stories of patients and their families. My diverse experiences allow me to understand various issues of patients from different
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