The Medical Ethics Team The Judges Of A Human 's Life

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Title: *Why is the medical ethics team the judges of a human’s life?
*Are humans too dependent on the code of medical ethics?
Approach: An examination/analysis of the jurisdiction and justification of deciding what a human’s life is worth to the medical ethics board. / Hippocratic oath / what comprises the medical ethics board
Research question: What makes the decision of the medical ethics team better than the life of the patient?
Introduction: The system of medical ethics has been a helpful component used in the medical field for centuries. When they were first introduced, medical ethics were seen as guidelines for physicians to follow while on duty with patients under oath. As time evolved, they became a system of moral principles that guided physicians and patients through times of wonder and hardship. In today’s society where the medical field has transformed greatly, thanks to our modern technology, the concept of medical ethics have not changed. Although our knowledge of medicine and technology has expanded, diseases and disorders still plague the human race today. With these new technologies, we are able to cure these new found germs, but these miraculous cures come with a price. Based on the patient’s health issue, decisions must be made and treatment must be given. Factors such as price for equipment and care, space, and time are considered when treating a patient. These factors decide whether treating the patient will be beneficial in the long run or a waste of…

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