The Medical Field And The Science Field

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Serial killers often are torn between their mental stability and their immoral actions. Mental issues are widely overlooked in the medical field and in the science world. Psychology does not seem to be an objective science to the majority of the world, and the brain is one of the arduous organs to study in the body. Not much detail is known about how the brain works and why it works the way it does, as the study of the human brain is still a relatively new field in the medical and science field. For almost the entire existence of the human species, famous philosophers have always questioned how things work, and why things work the way things do. They ask the difficult questions, yet the question of how they are alive or how they are simply able to think has never come up. This question of thought has never really sprouted from anyone’s train of thought until more recently around the 1900s when worldwide people finally figured that the brain controls all of our actions. As psychology starts to expand, every question that anyone ever comes up is almost always brought up to light, there are still many of the unknown that resides in this field, and many branches have branched off from the main field of psychology. Fields heavier on the biology side such as neuroscience and psychiatry focus on the brain chemistry and how offsets and imbalances of the chemical in our brains affect how our brain works. These fields typically look at the brain from a biological perspective, pushing
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