The Medical Field At The United States Navy

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The medical field offers many different occupations and opportunities. All have an equal level of importance and are necessary for each other to perform at a good capacity. It has been my dream to go into the medical field since I was eleven, but there are still some question that I have about it. The most important of which is how am I going to afford all those years of school.

To further understand the questions that I had, I interviewed my Brandon McFarlane, who is already a corpsman in the United States Navy, but is currently enrolled in Pensacola State University and in the physician 's assistance program. I chose to interview Brandon because he is where I hope to be in a couple of years, which is working towards getting further into the medical field. I based all of my questions in this interview on things that concern me and that I want to know more about. For example, I asked what is his motivation for wanting to go into the medical field and his response actually didn’t surprise me because I’ve talked to other people who want to go into the medical field even ones who are my age and they all tend to have similar answers. I asked this question because I believe that your motivation for doing something can impact how you do it and how much effort you put into it. I then asked Brandon questions ranging from how are you paying for your education and do you think the cost and length of getting that educations scares people away, has it ever maybe you
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