The Medical Field Has Been My Dream Ever Since I

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Working in the medical field has been my dream ever since I was in middle school. I realized nursing was the profession for me when my grandfather became very sick with lung cancer during my freshman year of high school. It puzzled me that one of the healthiest and most physically active people I knew could be afflicted by such a damaging disease. After watching the suffering my grandfather had to experience and pain my entire family felt from his death, I knew I wanted to go into a field to help others that are faced with the same challenges.
During high school, my two friends and I created a group called “Generation Celebration” to form an intergenerational connection between adolescents and older adults. We received a list of all of the residents of Belmont Assisted Living that had a birthday during the month. On the last Sunday of every month, we hand delivered personalized cupcakes, gift bags, and cards to each of the residents from the list. Afterwards, we would keep them company and listen to their stories. This experience bonded me to older adults and taught me that providing each person’s particular needs it extremely important for patient care.
I have been fortunate enough to shadow and work in multiple hospital settings over the past year. During November 2014, I shadowed a Medical/Surgical nurse and charge nurse for the day. I got to experience the distribution of medication, disgruntled patients and their families, and issues with the staff. Sitting…
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