The Medical Field Is Becoming Highly Popular Amongst

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The medical field is becoming highly popular amongst this generation. This field is expected to grow 18 percent faster than average from 2012-22 (physician and surgeon). However, a job as surgeon is hard to obtain due to the continuous school that they have to go through for over the span of 10 years. Many impending surgeons many not have the skills and the patients that are set when going into this field. With that being said the different skills that are most sought after for this profession is communication, compassion, leadership, and patience (physician and surgeon). Although becoming a doctor of sort requires a 4 year undergrad, bachelor’s degree, medical schooling and residency/internship, this goal is not hard to obtain if they put their mind to it; and medical doctors strive for the best when going out to educate themselves (physician and surgeon). Furthermore, each doctor needs to have a variety of skills to do their job, such as knowledge behind the job, understanding the patient emotionally, but still keeping the work ethic professional. Explanation of Career An important thing to know about being a surgeon is not every surgeon comes from the same background and the same ethnicity; however, they all have to perform their task how they are trained. They perform different surgical procedures on a patient depending upon what they need. A surgeon’s involvement depends and varies on the category the surgeon is specialized in. Some surgeons may have the most to little
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