The Medical Field Is Becoming Highly Popular Amongst

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The medical field is becoming highly popular amongst this generation. This field is expected to grow 18 percent faster than average from 2012-22 (physician and surgeon). However, a job as surgeon is hard to obtain due to the continuous school that they have to go through for over the span of 10 years. Many impending surgeons many not have the skills and the patients that are set when going into this field. With that being said the different skills that are most sought after for this profession is communication, compassion, leadership, and patience (physician and surgeon). Although becoming a doctor of sort requires a 4 year undergrad, bachelor’s degree, medical schooling and residency/internship, this goal is not hard to obtain if they put…show more content…
Some surgeons are just there to hand off the tools to the main surgeon that is specially trained to operate on patients who need it. They also have to ensure a safe sterilized performance on the patients so bacteria and diseases are not spread to and from each patient. They have much to ensure before they just start operating on a patient, and before a patient will let them perform an operation on them. Education Education is a very crucial part or step one should take to head in the right path to head into the surgical or any medical field. In order to make your way into college or medical school you must first have a high school diploma or something equivalent to a high school diploma (physician and surgeon). Afterwards, you need to attend a university to achieve a bachelor’s degree; they are able to major in whatever suits their desired "want" in a major. Then they are off to partake in the Medical College Admission Test, MCAT for short (physician and surgeon). This part of the path is very competitive to get through. After passing the MCAT you are off to medical school where you will attend med school for the next four years (physician and surgeon). The first two years of med school they will be in the classroom taking the courses that are needed (i.e. anatomy, medical ethics, etc.) during the last two years medical students work with patients
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