The Medical Field Is Safe Practice

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Modern health care is highly complex and precarious with the use of modern technology.1 These indirectly increase the chances of getting error in delivering care to the patient and may result in adverse event.1 In United State (U.S) health care errors are the leading cause of death and injury.2 Therefore, safe practice in medical setting should not be addressed lightly and a serious act should be taken in addressing this issues. Most of this error can be prevented and avoided. One of the best practices that have been implemented in the medical field is safe practice. Safe practice covers many aspects in health care including history taking, treatment such as pharmacological interactions and implications, drug recommendation and accurate…show more content…
Most of the researches for EBM are being conducted in a selected population in which the result does not accurately reflecting each individual patient.5 Sometimes, the populations that are being studied are different in terms of cultural, environmental and geographical background to the real patient. This can greatly affect the patient outcome for certain types of treatment. The research and studies are mainly on common diseases and illness in which the so called orphan disease are lack.5 Thus many factors should be considered when using EBM in practice in order to provide a good quality medicine to patient.

Safe practice played a great role in addressing patient safety. The safe practice that endorsed by the National Quality forum and supported by the Agency for Healthcare research and quality had address few critical aspect to improve patient safety 6; by creating culture of safety, matching health care need with service delivery capability, facilitating information transfer and clear communication, safety in specific setting or process of care and increasing safe medication use.6, 7

Studies showed that nosocomial infections account for approximately 1.7 million infections and 99,000 deaths per year.8 Meanwhile, about 2.4 million extra hospital days and approximately $9.3 billion excess charges per year are associated with multiple medical errors.9 Most of these issues can be prevented and solve through safe practices.
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