The Medical Field Of Medical Emergencies

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Growing up in a rural Eastern Oregon community, my earliest memories of medicine were of the mobile clinic that a doctor set up every six months. The town flocked to him, and for some, this was the only medical care they received. Yet, the greatest challenge this setting presented was in medical emergencies. I remember getting the call. Alycia was in a car wreck. My heart was racing. She was my best friend, cousin, and roommate for the last three months. After the two-hour ride to the small local hospital, they airlifted her to the nearest trauma center. A few hours of stabilization and tests later, the results were grim: traumatic brain injury, broken ribs and arm, collapsed lungs and several lacerated organs. After maintaining a comatose state for a year, she died. Despite the circumstances, Alycia’s hospital stay provided me with a greater exposure to medicine than I ever had growing up. I learned to admire her doctors and their gentle, yet honest, ways of interacting with patients and family. As a lover of science, I would ask to talk to them after family meetings to get more details on what they described and learn about their procedures. Through these interactions, I gained a respect and admiration for medicine, and a scientific curiosity was fostered in me that has driven me to pursue a career as a physician. Three years later, I began work as an EMT at the same hospital that initially stabilized Alycia, and on the same ambulance that brought her there. My entry

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