The Medical Field Of Medicine

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Held my breath for a few seconds, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, I was just informed about the death of my younger brother, Patrick. I grew up in the mainland of Lagos, Nigeria, in a community where only the upper-class individuals had access to healthcare. Most of the residencies in my community invested in self-medication and depended on the local pharmacist. My younger brother fell sick during my final year examinations of high school. He was diagnosed with typhoid and malaria based on his blood tests by a technician. He took drugs prescribed by the pharmacist and was given drip every day by a nurse. A night into one of my exams, his symptoms grew worse and he was rushed to the nearby clinic. Few hours at the clinic, he…show more content…
The shelter facilities were divided into two sections, the family, and the nursing mothers building. I observed the living conditions of people in both sections and pondered on how they had access to healthcare since they could not afford a health insurance. I began relating this scenario to how life was for me back in my country. I was informed that the nursing mothers and their babies had access to healthcare through the help of volunteer physicians. This day’s experience confirmed my intent to become a physician, I wanted to be able to either work or serve patients from underserved populations just as those physicians did. Eager to learn more about medicine, I began volunteering at a nearby medical center as both a way-finder and clinical volunteer. Through volunteering, I obtained a more in-depth look of medical care in a hospital setting. I was informed about the roles of other healthcare workers. I was able to interact with patients with different backgrounds and learned about their life experiences. I observed how the physicians performed procedures, interacted with patients and other staffs in the hospital through physician shadowing. My clinical experience overall gave me goals to work towards as I realized more of my passion for medicine. Serving as an after- school volunteer created a spark for community service, through serving I have been able to work with people from various
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