The Medical Field Of Nursing

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The medical field of nursing is based on servitude in God’s mission and through the means of compassion. Our missional goals must align with God’s (Wright, 2012). Nursing consists of care and compassion for the disadvantaged, weak, sick, and injured. This is in addition to the pursuit of high standards in professionalism, articulated in the delivery of a valuable service that is based on unique knowledge and experience, performed ethically, and practiced autonomously. The major characteristic of compassion is from God and how it relates to this world of professionalism is seen through nursing. Any job that advances God’s work in the world is a Godly choice (Col. 1:16-20). According to the Old Testament (O.T.), the word compassion is known as “rahamayim.” The O.T.’s belief of compassion is explored through the perceptions of the compassion of God, his people, and through the metaphor of God’s compassion. As quoted from Reeves, “Being Triune, God is a sharing God, a God who loves to include indeed that is why God will go on to create (Richard of St. Victor).” In the O.T., compassion is an emotion or quality that is Godly. The triune God is the source of all love and goodness (Reeves, 2012). God is overwhelmingly the One who is always compassionate. However, God is also known to withdraw his compassion in the same fashion. This withdrawal is understood as God’s anger or wrath. People experience widespread death and detrimental destruction when his compassion is withdrawn
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