The Medical Industry has Come a Long Way Since the Movie, Whose Life is It Anyway

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As a medical industry, we have come along way in just a short time span. The movie “Whose life is it Anyway?” was a very heartfelt story, which nobody could ever imagine happening to them or in their life. This movie did an amazing job at showing the multifaceted scope of one-persons decision. The patient was not the only one affected, and that the medical professionals are as well. It is easy to see why some policies, and ethical rules come into play. It is apparent how patient choices are now more important then years before, and how autonomy, both for the medical professionals and the patient, are the foremost targets in today’s medical world. One of the most shocking things for me was see Dr. Emerson forcibly injected Mr. Harrison with Valium when he persistently stated that he did not want it. Today, patient can reject anything medically in regards to their own life. I thought that what he was doing was illegal, which today it would be, but back then it was not. The very belief that patients had no choices in that era makes me appreciate the time we live in today. Mr. Harrison had no autonomy and surely had no patient disclosure or consent. Having everything disclosed to us, as our rights as patients, is what is expected with anything that people are going to be doing to our bodies. I understand that Mr. Harrison went through some unbelievable trauma, but that fact that he was not told that he would be a quadriplegic is trauma within itself. He went on for months

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