The Medical Model And Social Model Of Disability

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Disability is a condition such as an illness or injury that limits a person’s physical and mental abilities to perform daily life activities. What Are Models Of Disability? Models of disability are terms used for defining impairment and eventually provide a base upon which government and society can devise strategies for meeting needs of disable persons. Disabled persons are often with scepticism does not replicate the real world and often inadequate and encourage limited thinking and often detailed guidance for actions. However, there are frame works in which knowledge and understanding can be gain of disability issues by applying the models of disability which are medical model of disability and social model of disability. What Is Medical Model Of Disability? “The…show more content…
The medical model views disability as something that must at any time possible be cured. If there is no possibility a feeling of failure will result, unless the person physical features are deemed as normal. Therefore medical model of disability treats people with impairment as victims and patients; medical model of disability have a tendency to emphasise more on the disorders rather than on the person, resulting in the labelling of people according to their impairments, example ‘the one who’s wheelchair bound ’rather than ‘James who uses a wheelchair’ (Beith,2005) Medical Model vs. Social Model of Disability The social model of disability sees disabilities as a problem created by the society due to the lack of options to fully integrate these individuals into society. The differences between this and the medical model have been outlined below. Medical model views disability as a deficiency or abnormality while the social model views disability as a difference. Another comparison is that according to the medical model being disabled is considered to be negative while the social model views it as
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