The Medical Model : Mental Illness

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The book January First is about a father describing his life with his family and his daughter who has schizophrenia. Her disability is confirmed as the mental illness schizophrenia after the age of 6 years old. The medical model is most used in the case of January and her diagnosis. From a young age, her parents are trying so hard to find out what is going on in her mind. She had seen multiple doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and had been institutionalized in mental hospital multiple times. No doctor could “fix” her like the medical model suggests. The medical model left the family feeling isolated, judged and segregated from other families with children Janni’s age. When Janni entered school, she was still violent and had trouble fitting in with other students. Her identity quickly became her disability. She was treated differently, and people only saw Janni for her diagnosed disability – schizophrenia. Janni liked one-to-one attention, but her classroom did not have enough professionals to give that to accommodate for her learning style. The family had been through multiple IEP’s with Janni, and finally one day the school said they could not handle her. She had been receiving public education regardless of her disability, but it didn’t seem to be “appropriate” for her learning type. Her parents had felt it would be beneficial for Janni to be in school because she could not be handled at home either, their hope was that she would adapt to school and it would go

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