The Medical Student Research Program

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6. Medical Student Research Program
This College of Medicine program, funded by multiple NIH institutes and located in the Department of Surgery since its founding in the 1980 's greatly expanded during the current APR review period. It is directed by Professor of Surgery Marlys Witte, MD with the assistance of Michael Bernas, MS as curriculum Coordinator, Grace Wagner as program Manager, and Peter Crown, PhD as multimedia producer.

A) Research Areas of Interest
The program provides individualized research experiences to medical students (30-45 yearly), undergraduates (15-20 yearly), and disadvantaged high school students (30-40 yearly) and interacts with K-12 teachers largely from Arizona. The programs organize, supervise, mentor, and obtain funding for the multilevel trainees in the full spectrum of biomedical research throughout the University of Arizona Health Sciences and beyond and also conducts workshops for K-12 teachers.

B) Completed/Ongoing studies since last APR
Student researchers each summer are funded across all departments in UAHS to conduct full-time mentored research and engage in a variety of enrichment activities in the Summer Institute on Medical Ignorance (SIMI). All students prepare final powerpoint presentations and written reports, and many also produce research tool/topic videos. Many of the medical students (~50 per year) continue advanced research under the Research Distinction Track (Surgery 800), and many have gone on to
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