The Medical Team, Inc.

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The Medical Team,Inc. is privately owned company established in 1978 and the headquarter is located at Reston,Virgnia. It provides personal care services and catastrophic care solution. The company has more than 35 nurses most of LPN and a lot of nursing aid workers. From my discussion I came to understand that most of their patients are senior citizens and with a lot of medical complications. Medicare mostly covers their insurance and the main focuses of the home health care are to reduce hospital readmission rate with in thirty days of patient discharge. Most of the challenge is patient’s dependency on nurse aids for their day-to-day life and some of them also lucks family support. This situation put them in vulnerable stage for their speedy recovery but in my over all observation I have seen positive progress on patients general health out come. It was a great privilege for me to get clinical experience with the Cardio and COPD care team. As the name implies most of the clients are Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obetsruticve Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and diabetes’s patients. During my first visit to the office after brief discussion with the agency manager I met my Cardio and CHF teams and had preliminary discussion on the main responsibilities and work program of the day. After twenty minutes discussion with my preceptor our team deployed to home health fieldwork. The first day we visited seven patients at different locations and provided them with basic nursing…
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