The Medical Ultra Sound Field

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The medical ultra sound field is always continuously expanding and making medical progress, and new findings. Ultrasounds are becoming more and more popular everyday. People are coming up with many new ways to help treat patients, and also new procedures to get better, and more defined images of the body. Also, people are making it possible to find some problems quicker than they ever could have before. A diagnostic medical sonographer is a professional, which has had the proper schooling to use technology to help diagnose patients. Sonographers use a special type of machine with a wand that takes images of the inside of your body. This wand is called a transducer. A transducer is the device that uses sound waves to capture images of the…show more content…
You must also be familiar with technology. Technology is a very important factor in this line of work due to the majority of work being done by the use of different machines and computers. Technicians should know how to directly pinpoint different organs in the body, and also different bones and structures. It is very important that a technician is always very attentive and on top of things. Technicians must always be looking at the little details of the image that is before them. It is also good for technicians to have good people skills, and nice bedside manners. Ultrasound techs have to be close to patients and it is important to make sure that the patient is as comfortable with you, and the environment that they are in, as possible. Having good people skills will help to make a technician’s job a lot easier. This career requires one to work with their hands quite a bit and be on their feet most of the time that they are working. Levels of Education Becoming an ultrasound technician requires some post-secondary education. The post-secondary education includes completing an accredited training program that can take anywhere from one to four years to complete. You also need a completed associates degree, or post graduate certificate from an accredited program. You may get the degree of your choosing, but having a degree will get you paid more than just a certificate. You also need some additional certifications. Some of these
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