The Medicare Funding Crisis : Congressman Hughes

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The Medicare Funding Crisis
Congressman Hughes,
You have been invited to participate in a panel discussion to address the Medicare Funding crisis. The panel has asked you to respond to a proposal to enroll participants in HMO’s to reduce Medicare expenditures. I have taken the liberty to prepare the following responses for the panel discussion.
Eddie Acosta, Chief of Staff


Ladies and Gentleman, many of you are concerned of losing your medical entitlement and if something is not done as soon as possible, the Medicare program will be bankrupt by 2021. Medicare has been scrutinized on how the system is funded and in its comparison to the results of health outcomes as more people are enrolling into the system. It is very difficult to address the federal deficit, our national debt, Medicare, and many economic issues that plague our country. There are many opportunities that are in front of us to reach a resolution in an attempt at saving this healthcare entitlement. I am very concerned on the lack of information on this issue and also the amount of misinformation that is being distributed. I appreciate your invitation to speak at this panel and I will address your concerns about the Medicare Funding crisis. (Roy, 2011)

Is Medicare in a state of crisis? Are radical measures necessary to preserve the program? Medicare is absolutely is a state of crisis and if we do not make the necessary modifications to this medical entitlement, there will not be a Medicare…
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