The Medicated Child Essay

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For me as a former worker in the medical field, who is coming from the other part of the world, the predilection for medicament over usage in the U.S. was always surprising. Therefore, I was expecting to see in this video issues about psycho-neurological side effects of overmedicated in somatically ill child. There were several memorable moments which impacted my mind. One of them was Jacob's story. It was sad to see how the persistent labeling with hyperactivity by preschool teachers took a 3 year old boy down to the pathway of a million American children, who were eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Most of these children were forced to take several strong antipsychotic drugs and mood stabilizers already in their…show more content…
According to the video's statistic, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder increased to four thousand percent during the last decade. This labeling process seems to be almost a medical crime, where modern "Walter Freemans" easily manipulate and experiment the biochemical processes in the developing child's brain by using strong mood stabilizers and antipsychotic drugs. Nevertheless, it puzzled me why so many doctors do not want to start with a mild therapeutical approach. For example, in many other countries treating childhood's behavior problems with pharmaceutical substances is still almost a nonexistent practice. Instead of medications, other therapies are offered through special programs in school or kindergarten, where children learned to develop coping mechanisms. This controversial video raised my following questions. First of all, why is the diagnostic rate of bipolar disorder among children so high in the U.S. ? Why diagnosed children start immediately with pharmaceutical treatment instead of trying other approaches? Whose fault is this tragic situation? When I started think about all this questions the other questions popped up in my mind: Are there any standards for normal child's behavior? Who is in the charge of determination of them? Then I recalled the discussion in the beginning of the course, where I learned, that often the society and the culture determine the line between normal and abnormal

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