The Medicinal History of Cannabis

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Cannabis has been used since 2900 BC for numerous medical purposes. The herb itself has been used in ancient times by sects within Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism and other religious groups for religious and spiritual purposes. The earliest writing on medical cannabis was found in the Chinese Pharmacopedia, also known as the Rh-Ya, around 1500 BC. It was recorded that the herb was used for ‘healing purposes’. Cannabis has been used since 3000 BC and has continued to be used in various ways and forms by the human population despite the fact that it is illegal. During recent years, cannabis is being used recreationally, mainly by the young adult population. Hundreds of medicinal purposes have been discovered around the world for the herb cannabis. Archeologists have discovered cannabis pollen on the body of Ramesses II, a king who passed away in 1213 BC, showing that individuals in high power consumed this herb. In Ancient Egypt, prescriptions to treat glaucoma, inflammation, cooling of the uterus and enemas were given to patients. Around 1000 BC, a drink of cannabis mixed with milk known as ‘bhang’ became a popularly used anesthetic in India. After further usage of the herb, India has figured that they could use cannabis to treat a large variety of human illnesses. Around 600 BC, they also found that cannabis is a cure for leprosy and believed that it could allow individuals to think faster, live longer, aid sleep and improve their judgment. The ancient Persian
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