The Medicine Bag And The Apache Girls Rite Of Passage Video

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We all have differences and similarities between one another. Both similarities and differences can have advantages and disadvanteges. For example, “the medicine Bag” by Virginia driving hawk Sneve, and Apaches Girls Rite of passes video by Nation geographic do have their similarity and differences. However, each one does one advantage and disadvangatge to help us undertsnad each one in different ways.
One of the similarities between the text of “The Medicine Bag” and the Apaches Girls rite of passage video is that both groups start at a certain age for their rites of passages. For example, in the Apache video, Dachina is 13 years old when the ceremony began. At the age of 13, you are starting to grow into your “adult” years and no longer
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The trials Dachina goes through during these stages are to test her for woman hood. On the other hand, the passing of the medicine bag to martin is privately done with just Grandpa and him together in a room. Going back to the text, the process starts with Grandpa explain the reason of importionce of the medince bag to martin so he could understand the meaning clearly. The last and final difference between “the Medicine bag” and the apaches girls rite of passageis that one is for the growth of girls and the other for boys. As said many time, the Apache celebrate the growth of girls and welcmoning them into woman hood.While in the Medicine bag, Gfrandpa clearly states the the bag is to be passed onto the oldest male in the famly, which makes sence ,maturity wise.

The amount of information collected from the text and video have their own forms of detail, having their advantages and disadvangtes. One of the dissadvantegs for the text of “The medicine Bag” is that you don’t get a visual on what is happening during the story. The only thing syou have availiable to you are the details in the story that explain what is going on. On the other hand, one advantage from the text is that you were able to get a first person point of view. The story was told in Martins point of view, so I was able to read about how he felt about the medicine bag and his grandpa. One disadvantage I got from the Apache girls rite of
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