The Medicine Wheel

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“In Native American Spirituality, the medicine wheel represents harmony and connections and is considered a major symbol of peaceful interactions among all living beings on earth” (“Medicine Wheel”, 2013, p. 1). The medicine wheel has been used for many generations of various American native tribes and are still used today in the Native American spirituality. In an interview with an aboriginal woman B.C, B.C stated “the wheel has been passed down from generation from generation and the meaning of the wheel has never been altered and it’s very symbolic to the first nation’s people. The following is a picture of the medicine wheel;

The medicine wheel, otherwise known as sacred hope is a symbol of the indigenous North American culture
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The wheel suggests that each aspect of the wheel must be equally developed in a healthy way and balance in each area puts us into balance. If there is part of the wheel not in balance it may greatly effect health decisions (uOttawa, 2009) First Nations people agree that emphasis needs to be given in each area of the wheel.
“The medicine wheel symbolizes the interconnection of all life, the various cycles of nature, and how life represents a circular journey. The number four is sacred to the many Aboriginal peoples of North America and can represent many things: the four seasons, the four parts of a person (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); the four kingdoms (animal, mineral, plant and human); the four sacred medicines (sweet grass, tobacco, cedar and sage). Hence, you may see the medicine wheel presented in several different ways” (uOttawa, 2009, p. 1)

Different tribes examine the medicine wheel differently (Terpning, 2011). They continue to use the wheel as a first nation symbol. The wheel continues to be sacred to them for various reasons, including teachings, health and healing, many traditional ceremonies, dances and ritual vision quest (Sutherland, 2013). It is important to First Nations People to continue to use this Medicine wheel and it is important to remember that if the focus is on one area of the medicine
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