The Medieval Castles Of The Middle Ages

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There was time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the reformation. This was called the middle ages. This time was crammed with war, the struggle for power, disease, and illiteracy. Although, there was much intelligence that was sparked around this time (Castles of the Middle Ages). The first castle was introduced in 1066. This gigantic beauty was named the Motte and Bailey and was constructed in England (Motte and Bailey Castles). Castle designs soon spread throughout Europe. This was a way to defend royalty and ended up being a big advantage when used against their enemies (Middle Ages). Castles played a very significant role in this day in age when it came to their economic and social role and their military. They were very specifically…show more content…
When castles became popular, this gave them a considerable advantage. The first castles were built only from wood and mud. This did not do the Nobles very good when their enemies introduced fire. That is when they made the decision to make castles out of stone. Twenty foot thick stone walls surrounded them. Most people other than royalty did not live inside the walls of the castle unless an emergency. High up on top of the castle walls, there were openings for archers to stand. This gave them an enormous advantage (Middle Ages for Kids Medieval Castles). Many castles relied on the landscape around them to protect them. Many of the earliest castles were built on mottes or “hills”. A fence of wooden stakes or iron railings made a perimeter around the big stone walls. After these unbreakable walls proved to be the best defense weapon, the proposal of stone castles spread throughout Europe (Castles of the Middle…show more content…
It was dark, cold, and even smelly. It was consistently filled with busy work, and not very comfortable at all to rest in (Life in a Medieval Castle). They are described as gloomy, wet places. The fireplaces filled the rooms with smoke, the only lights used were from lights that flickered, the furniture was damp, and the floors were bare stone and sometimes covered with the skin of animals. In this day of age, it was better to be living in a gloomy, gross place than being without defense (Middle Ages for Kids Medieval Castles). Castles are now viewed as romantic places that only the affluent can live in. It’s viewed as the perfect life, but it was never really “the perfect place to live” until the twelfth
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