The Medieval Crusades Essay

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Through out time, history has had a tendency to repeat it self. It has done so in good means as well as bad. People learn from the past and apply it to their every day lives. Although people try to do the right thing and not follow mistakes that have been already made, they just seem to come about. This day in age, out country is experiencing a situation that is extremely similar to that that occurred in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, that which is the crusades. Crusades now can be defined as all wars undertaken in pursuance of a vow, and directed against infidels. But back in the middle ages it was known as any military expedition under taken by the Christians of Europe (Random House Webster’s 318). On September 11,2001 the people…show more content…
     The event leading up to the start of the holy wars was the invasion of the Holy Land, Jerusalem. Jerusalem was a holy site for the Christians as well as the Muslims. For the Christians it was a sacred place because there Jesus was crucified, and on the site where his body was placed in a tomb they built the church of Holy Sepulchre. For the Muslims it was sacred because they believed that the founder of their religion, Muhammad, was able to visit heaven from there. For that reason they built many mosques, the most famous being the Dome of the Rock. At first Jerusalem was occupied by mainly Christians, then In 637 AD a massive army surrounded Jerusalem. The Christian people held out, from giving up their land to their invaders the Muslims. They believed that a Christian army would be sent to save them. But then in February 638, the Christian bishop of Jerusalem, Sophronius, was forced to surrender the city. The Muslims treated the Christians well at first. They just thought of them as people who were misguided in their choice of religion. They encouraged them to convert to Islam, but never forced them. The Christians who did convert were then known as mawali meaning brother of Islam. Those who didn’t convert were called djimmis meaning the protected people. Even thought the Christians were able to keep their religion, they had to take certain rules that came along with that. They had to pay an
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