The Medieval Era

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Tyler Sun December 14, 2014 Prof. Sparks HUMN 220 Chartres Cathedral The Medieval Era was one with explosive cultural and architectural growth across almost all of Europe. One of the places that experienced this the most was in France. With all of the radical changes happening in France, there was a huge emphasis on religion and as a result the Chartres Cathedral was created. The town of Chartres officially became a bishopric in the 4th century, and as with any bishopric the cathedral was the most awesome and large building in the city. Everything was built around this massive cathedral; the local shops, fairs, and other commodities of city life. Not only was this building a testament to the creative ability of the architects, it was a location for holy pilgrimage. According to tradition, Chartres Cathedral has housed the tunic of the Virgin Mary since 876. The relic was said to have been given to the cathedral by Charlemagne, who received it as a gift during a trip to Jerusalem. Because of this relic, Chartres has been a very important pilgrimage center and the faithful still come from all over the world over to honor it. The present cathedral is one of several French Gothic masterpieces built because fire had destroyed its predecessors. The town itself was already a destination for holy pilgrimages, however on a significantly smaller scale pre-production. Before the Chartres Cathedral was built and the tunic of the Virgin Mary was placed there, it was believed that there
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