The Medieval Period Of The Middle Ages

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During the Middle ages countless disputes over power occur. From corrupted government officials, to establishing a proper structure for Roman Catholicism. However, one can argue whether it’s good or bad intentions with great powers comes great responsibility. The Medieval period began from the 5th century when the Western Roman Empire collapsed, to 15th century. During the Medieval Period the Roman Church was the dominated church. The church controlled religion, philosophy, morals, politics, art and education. In addition, many practices from the Middle Ages laid the foundations to today’s modern world. Charles the Greats of the franks, also known as Charlemagne was a Medieval Emperor during 800. Ruling majority of Europe by spreading the outbreak of religion and culture. Charles the Great was a man of knowledge, as he was fluent in Latin, he studied Greek and liberal arts, giving him personality as a scholar. Unlike his predecessor Charlemagne supported education, one of his goals was to provide an educated clergy. The educated clergy was usually a group of religious servants, performing administrative duties for the government. Furthermore, to continue Greco-Roman cultural legacy he made Christianity the domain religion in regions of Western Europe. However, Charles the Great was challenged as “Emperor of the Romans” because “Emperor of the Romans” rightfully belongs to Carolingian family. Yet in the act into reviving the Roman Empire, Pope Leo III crowned…
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