The Medieval Sourcebook For Anselm 's 1033-1009 Proslogium

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In the Medieval Sourcebook for Anselm’s 1033-1009 Proslogium, Aselm constructs an argument in which it is a deductive ontological argument. Aselm attempts to prove the existence of God through one single argument which is that God does truly exist. However, there will always be dilemmas, conflicts or predicaments when it comes to such sensitive and personal topics such as the existence of God. Atheists are types of people who do not believe in the existence of God and have been continuously denying his existence. I personally am Christian and I therefore have a strong belief in God. That being said, my belief and theories are in relation to family, experiences, culture, etc. In Aselm’s discourse, he shows that his argument is different and that it is independent from experience as opposed to the argument being based on empirical evidence which is called a posteriori argument in Philosophy. He also states that it is crucial for God to exist in the mind and the reality rather than only one. He illustrates the causes and issues of God only existing in the mind which will lead to contradictory to the preliminary definition of God. In view of the fact that this is a problem, humans are unable to accept the fact that God exists only in the mind when Aselm argues that we must believe it within the mind and reality. Aselm’s critical point here is that if God only exists in the mind of humans, then God will not be considered as a significantly believable, understandable and…
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