The Meeting Of Spring And Winter

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Mary Katherine Grondin
Mrs. Dinsmore
Honors American Literature
11 September 2014
The Meeting of Spring and Winter
A Narrative Writing Based on the Chippewa Native American Story of the Spring Beauty

At the end of another winter, an old man sat in his lodge which stood on the banks of a frozen river. The days were not as frigid as they had been in the last three months. His fire was dying, yet the air was not so cold. He was ancient and solitary. Age had turned his long hair a snowy white, and caused every bone in his body to creak and groan as he stood up to stroke the glowing embers of his fire. The days passed slowly as he listened to the sound of the snow whirling outside. One day a beautiful young woman entered his lodge. Her deep, dark eyes danced and shone, and her cheeks were bright. She wore a crown of primroses in her raven-black hair and wore a beautiful dress strewn with wildflowers. Her figure was tall, slender, and lithe, and she had a dignified grace about her. Her movements looked like a weightless dance upon a sunbeam. In her hand she held flowers, which carried the sweet-smelling fragrance of springtime.

“I am the Spirit of Spring. The name given to me by the earth’s children is Seegwun,” said the lovely visitor.

The old man looked up to meet the girl’s eyes, and smiling said, “Beautiful one. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to see you have come to visit again. Come sit here with me by the fire. I will tell you my own wonderful deeds. Then you

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