The Mega Conglomerate, Disney, Walt Disney

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The mega conglomerate, Disney, began in 1923 with two men and one cartoon, Alice In Wonderland. From 1988 to present day Disney Pictures has released some of the most successful films in Hollywood. Disney’s most iconic and memorable titles include, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast. Disney has pushed the boundaries of the film industry since its beginning with the production of the first full length animation film, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, as well as the release of their first live action film, Treasure Island. After the death of Roy and Walt Disney, the company only continued to grow. Robert Iger was named chief executive officer in 2005. Currently, Disney owns Walt Disney Animation
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Opening at number 1, the weekend of March 13th 2015, the movie earned an opening weekend gross of $67,877,361 domestically. Including international gross the film made over $70 million opening weekend and made their $95 million budget in the second week. In total, Cinderella has made $438,036,467 worldwide. With a large part of the target audience being female children, the cast, including, Lily James and Richard Madden, was fairly unknown to them. The seven minute Frozen Fever short at the beginning of the film, based of the extremely popular animation Frozen, may have been a drawing factor for crowds to see Cinderella. Although Cinderella had one of the biggest debuts of the year, its numbers fell short of what was expected by Disney. The lower figures means the new film fell behind Disney’s last live-action remake, Maleficent.

Monkey Kingdom
The Disneynature film, is set in South Asia and follows the story of the macaques monkey, Maya. With a new son, Kip, and her longtime home, Castle Rock, being taken over, Maya has to relocate and work hard to get back her home and establish a good future for her son. The movie is narrated by Tina Fey. The director of the film, Mark Linfield, spent over 2 and a half years filming and following the animals for the movie. The movie was released on April 17th. The opening weekend numbers have yet
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