The Mega Melayu, The Following Work Essay

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Based on the case of The Mega Melayu, the following work contains an analysis and suggestions for solving the problems concerning the case study. We must focus our attention on various issues that faced by the Mega Melayu and try to give a sober assessment, and find solutions to these problems. There was a huge amount of issues needed to solve such as keeping up with competitors, and the problems that were within the company as the internal management challenges, having bad organization culture and bad leadership style, which certainly led to even more issues.
First and main problem that Mega Melayu is regarding to Alex Thomson`s leadership style. Alex Thomson has an autocratic style of leadership, which takes all the decision-making powers and does not allow to make decision for other employees. This style of leadership is described as the centrality of decision-making and power to direct are put into main leader (Hoogh 2015). It is indicated by the fact that Alex Thomson in relation to his subordinates was a ruthless leader who could easily lay off for the slightest mistakes that would lead to even greater consequences as the search for a new unexperienced workforce (Thornborrow 2011). Taking the above into consideration, Alex should seek all the characteristics of a good leader, as a combination of transformational and transactional leadership style, showing them friendliness, confidence in setting goals and motivate employees for a better future. It is recommended for
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