The Meiji Restoration

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During the Meiji Restoration, Japan went through many changes as it was exposed to foreign powers such as Europe. One of the political changes that occurred was that Japan was forced to begin interaction with their foreign peers as they came with their several innovations that were incredibly advanced compared to what Japan could offer at the time. This not only exposed their in ability to compare to their peers, it also revealed that they were technologically backwards in the eyes of their peers. As Japan continued to interact with their neighbors, Japan adopted several sayings that embodied the goals they had in the effort to catch up to and match their foreign peers as well as other changes in the effort of forming a new society that can match their peers. When Japan became open to the world powers like Europe, Japan went through a transformation that modernized Japan and inherently changed their society to reflect something similar to those in European countries. In Japan, their first reaction to being forced out into the open interaction with powers like Europe was to immediately develop ways to match their power. One of their reactions included adopting sayings that stated goals for Japan that would benefit its power. Another response was to authorize new official documents that affected Japan as a whole. A large change that occurred was the shift in government, shifting from feudalism to an empire with a single emperor. These changes were factors that in time shaped
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