The Melting Pot By The American Dream Essay

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Since the great land of North America had been conquered by the British, it had been called as a big “melting pot” for many years. Wave after wave of immigrants with different ethnic backgrounds, birthplaces, cultures and heritages moved to this fresh, new land for an identical purpose ---- the divine “American Dream.” Generations of immigrants who have different faces and skin colors melted and reformed together in this homogenous broth. They cast of their unique cultural identities during the process of the assimilation. They became indistinguishable in the society when they surrendered their abilities of making diverse ethnical contributions to the country. Although the metaphor of “the Melting Pot” is still true in America today, the poisoned system is pushing the society to the edge of racial discrimination. Thus, it is time to put an end on it and reform a cultural mosaic in order to rescue the society from being too cultural homogenous. Although the “Melting Pot” society gives everyone a strong sense of national identity to be a true American, it rationalizes racism and intolerance in the country. Minorities who are maladaptive to the culture have much greater risks of being racially discriminated against and unwelcomed by other majorities. In other words, all newcomers must adapt to the main American culture, regardless their different cultural backgrounds and skin colors. Otherwise they will find America is a difficult place to live. This invisible rule indulges

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