The Melting Pot Of The World

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America is known as the melting pot of the world, where different races live in unity and peace. Is this true or is this what we are taught to believe. It is essential to understand ourselves to understand others. It lets the person know how the right of judgment they have of themselves, and that 's what they reflect. Judging an individual by their skin color or race instead of their character can dehumanize a person, and it can have a significant effect on their lives. Discrimination still exists in this country in many forms; it lets us know who we are as humans and where we stand as dominated or subordinated groups of people. The difference in our skin color is something we have all witnessed. Mana Lumumba-Kasongo shares her experience in her essay; My Black Skin Makes My White Coat Vanish. When Lumumba-Kasongo started her residency, patients had a hard time believing her that she was a doctor. Often patients asked when the doctor will see them. When she was attending a program a white male who was also in the same program at the time, and witnessed what she was facing all these years. Trying to make her feel better he said, " I can walk in wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and I 'll always be seen as the doctor, even without introduction. You will not" (303). In this case, a scenario even though his intentions weren 't to be racist against blacks, he made it feel as if he might have been brought up in a racist household which might explain his respond to the situation.
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