The Melting Pot Theth : America Is Not A Myth In Society

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The melting pot myth is a belief that America is a society of equality and that racism is not applicable. Although racism is still a major issue in our society and thriving to this day. At a young age, people are taught that whites are greater than any of the other cultures, which causes many of us to create a sense of our own society. The melting pot society may have been an attempt to create equality, but was it ever truly an entity? The melting pot society is only a image for a culture containing different types of ethnicities and races that blend together as a whole, but it is not a society that contains any equality. The myth of unity will never become a reality, and here is why; the myth is used to create a glamorized version of American history where every immigrant was greeted with an equal opportunity for a better lifestyle (“Pluralism vs. Melting Pot” pdf, by Dr. Taylor); and it puts responsibility on an individual to face poverties and assimilations, which is more difficult for ethnic minorities, because of how race is perceived.
Those of color are almost always faced with obstacles, while white people have support through the governments system. For example, the media portrays black people as “criminals,” or Latinas as “sexy,” where as whites are seen as “rich” or “smart.” In the United States, the “melting pot” society is believed to protect us, because we are able to find agreement with one another no matter the skin color, which is false. Everyone fears something, so being able to see the variety of cultures in this world, could actually distinguish us into more tolerant human beings. The more diversity there is in America, the more abundant a society can become of those different cultures, and possibly even tone down the system of hierarchy.
Racism in America silently remains as a pre-eminent reality, even though white America denies the facts. Many white people restrain the importance of race in our society, but like to maintain the power under the false myth of the melting pot. In the short story “Theories and Constructs of Race,” of Rereading America, the authors mention how race is made up socially, culturally, politically, and economically, but many have been forced to change, because of

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