The Memorial And Museum At The World Trade Center

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According to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center
Foundation, the memorial is the tribute to victims killed in the terrorists attack in 2001 at the World
Trade Center site. Nearly 3,000 people were killed which was the biggest terror attack in American history. The Memorial consists of 2 pools what retrace the footprints of where the 2 skyscrapers were situated. They are the largest man made waterfalls in North America (National 9/11 Memorial &
Museum Foundation).The edges of each pool have names of victims transcribed on them. The whole space is surrounded by trees. It is visited by people from all around the world who want to pay tribute to 9/11 victims, their families and American people. Memorial gatherings and establishment of the memorial transformed the site into a sacred space for both religious and nonreligious men and women , not only in America but all around the globe. This essay examines 9/11 Memorial in the light of Micean
Eliade “ Sacred and Profane” In chapter 1 Eliade introduces a term hierophany. He defines it as something sacred that manifest itself to humans thought ordinary objects that belong to profane world. Those objects show duality. On one hand they continue to remain themselves as an integral part of their profane surroundings; on the other hand they become something else by manifesting sacred. It is important to understand that objects are worshipped not as ordinary objects but as…

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