The Memories Of The Boy

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Looking back now on the memories of that boy, there wasn’t one thing that didn’t stand out about him. He had bright green eyes, pale skin, dark brown hair and a name consisting of two first names: Tom Anthony. He ran around school with “the wrong crowd” and in eighth grade apparently that meant a group of guys who were jocky enough to take you down in a fight, but not as clean cut as the traditional idea of a jock, usually wearing overly baggy plain t-shirts accentuated by an underneath tee of a different color to demonstrate some style. Tom was the more muscular one out of the group so that combined with his looks allowed him to be a little friendlier with the girls of Heritage Middle School. In my eyes and those of the girls I surrounded myself with at the time, he was a bad boy which is why he was my boyfriend.
Tom and I had only been an item for a couple of weeks. Things were good, life was simple, I mean it was eighth grade. He was not my first boyfriend; that was Jesse Gonzalez in the seventh grade, another of the bad boy breed. So since having gathered some experience about fulfilling the role of teenage girlfriend, I wasn’t that nervous to be with Tom. This was true at least until Tom’s accelerated hormones began seeping into his consciousness. We were already avid hand-holders, but hormones and fate said it was time to add some oomph to the Emily Anthony doodle that lived in my English notebook.
On Thursdays I had art right before lunch. This Thursday in
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