The Memories and Influences of Jane Eyre

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Throughout life, a person comes across so many influential and memorable people. Jane Eyre was one individual whose life has been influenced and developed based on numerous people and surroundings. Jane’s living situation was unfortunately made up for her when her parents died, which caused her to not live the life she was meant to live. This tragedy has shaped Jane in becoming whom she is due to her positive and negative experiences growing up. Growing up in Gateshead has had a detrimental effect on who Jane was becoming. Living with her aunt and cousins didn’t have a great effect on Jane as a child. Jane wasn’t an ordinary child who loved to play and joke around; she was more mature then the rest and loved reading instead. In Gateshead, Mrs. Reed treated Jane like an outcast. Her aunt treated her very cruel causing Jane to be cold hearted and emotionless. Jane lived as if she was in a world by herself because she was treated as if she wasn’t part of the family. She would constantly be isolate by Mrs. Reed. Mentally and verbally abused; she still managed to stand for what she believed in. Being that Jane wasn’t your typical child it filled Mrs. Reed with rage because she felt that she wasn’t superior. Mrs. Reed has left a mental scar in Jane’s head because of the way she treated her. Jane’s attitude wasn’t the best due to living in Gateshead not only was she given a hard time by Mrs. Reed but by John Reed also. John was her vicious cousin that made her life a
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