The Memory Of Memory And Memory

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People are more likely to remember knowledge that is connected to their experiences better than knowledge that they connect to other things. The more that information is implicated with a person, the more likely this information will be encoded and recalled. The rate that information about a person is recalled is faster and more accurate than information that is not involved with that person. If you were to give someone a scenario, they will usually try to relate that with an incident in their life that was similar making this information more likely to be encoded (Bower & Gilligan, 1979, p. 420). If you were to tell someone, for example, how insomnia is developed and the characteristics of it the person listening can connect it to their own personal experience with insomnia. This would become a more powerful encoding method compared to someone that was not able to connect insomnia to their own life. So, if someone thought of how they were so stressed out about exams, that they were not able to sleep for more than an hour a night; this would connect their experience to the topic of insomnia making it easier to remember the information than if someone that has not experienced insomnia. The same thing goes for the type of encoding someone does and the way the information gets stored. So, for example if someone was trying to remember the word house from a list of words, if the person connects it with their own home, they would be able to remember the word better than if they

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