The Men Chosen By God

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The men chosen by God did not live a life of luxury nor simplicity. Prophets were burdened with his or her own hardships, but the biggest burden was being chosen by God. According to Prof. Zuckerman, God is like Mr. Clockman; a man who had given his wife a necklace, with an enormous diamond, but the curse of the necklace was Mr. Clockman himself. Free will was believed to have stemmed from the original sin of Adam and Eve (Gen 3:21-24) , but throughout the Old Testament there were generally only instances of the opposite seen in its stories. God played the main role in all of the decisions of the prophets. Throughout the Old Testament, God continuously suppressed the free will of the prophets as seen through Moses and Jonah. A prophet was a person who was regarded as a teacher or a proclaimer of the will of God. Running away from God was illogical, because after a prophet was chosen he had no choice in the matter, and he had been chosen before he was born. Moses and Jonah had both tried to run away from the responsibilities that God had placed on them, which provided both with stories that could be deemed as similar in nature. God already knew what was going to happen, and the illusion of free will was just that, an illusion. The Old Testament does not have any direct acknowledgement of the concept of free will. However, the Old Testament does present several instances where the antipodal is highly supported. For example, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the
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